PP Corrugated Sheets (Flutex)


FLUTEX is a special formulation of polypropylene copolymer which is extruded in a range of colours for printing and packaging

Fabrication & Printing :

All FLUTEX sheets are compatible in process of cutting, creasing & folding. They are also Corona treated on both sides to maximize ink adhesion of Screen & Digital Printing.
FLUTEX sheets are specially treated to reduce static to allow better handling.


FLUTEX is available in various colours from clear transparent, opaque milky & standard colour.
Colour matching & pantone shades also available.

Chemical Resistance :

FLUTEX HAS excellent chemical resistant properties. Use of Stress Crack Agents, Strong Acids, Solvents & Oxidizing Agents should be avoided.

Applications :

FLUTEX sheets are versatile that have worldwide applications. They are exxtruded with twin walls connected by a series of vertical ribs, thus providing a rigid board which has excellent strength & high impack properties.
The uses of FLUTEX are numerous. The sheets can be used in making of all kings of boxes & containers for packing plants, fish & vegetables, which need wet strength for safe transportation.
FLUTEX sheets are used for Outdoor Display Advertisments & Point of Sale promotions with screen or digital printing.
FLUTEX is extremely popular for making Collapsible Bulk Bins which needs toughness, durability & ideal strength to weight ratio.
The sheets are water resistant.
For the construction industry, the sheets are widely used for protection of floors, doors pillars & jambs, for filling expansion joints & as a waterproofing membrane.
FLUTEX are also used for packaging of sensitive electronic components, glass & pharmaceutical products.
FLUTEX are 100% recyclable.

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